Droop-E Releases “I Do What I Want”

Droop-E I Do What I Want
LOS ANGELES, CA (October 19, 2017) – Vallejo’s very own, Droop-E, is back with yet again an unforgettable visual for his newest track, “I Do What I Want.”
I Do What I Want,” — directed by the famous director, Jae Synth — is an ode to staying true to yourself and embodying positivity which falls right into place with the rest of the up and coming album, Trillionaire Thoughts:

“Everything that I’m saying in this song is extravagant so we went for a gritty, Bay Area feel. Literally showing I do what I want. It was organic. I wanted to do a video that wasn’t overproduced but literally showed more of me, my crew and our personalities. It’s a nice introduction to ‘Trillionaire Thoughts.’ That song is part of the embodiment of the mantra and vibe of the album.”

With that being said, it’s only understandable why Droop-E works so hard. Besides finishing up his own album, he is also the president of E-40’s Sick Wid It Records, running the record label and producing music for it’s talented roster. Droop-E’s life mantra is to think highly of yourself and see yourself doing the things you want to do so they can come into fruition and he puts all that into his up and coming album:

“It’s an album based upon a philosophy and a mentality and a way of life so I knew what I wanted and the way I wanted to go but it took a minute to actually embody that and actually become what I wanted to come through the speakers. When I started I recording this album, my mentality was that pretty much every time I speak on the mic, it was the mentality that I’m a trillionaire. That there is no limitations in life and that I’m blessed by God. I didn’t want to have any negative thoughts going through my mind as I was rapping. I made the music so people can put it on, go about their day and think big instead of thinking small.”
Check out the visual for Droop-E’s “I Do What I Want” out NOW! And make sure to stay tuned and prepare yourself for what Droop-E is to drop next. You won’t want to miss out!
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