Drakeo The Ruler Drops His Latest Project “Ain’t That The Truth”

Ain’t That The Truth is a new project of one of the hottest names on the rap scene in Los Angeles. This is Drakeo’s third album of the year, the previous ones being A Cold Day in Hell with another representative of the Stinc Team rapper Ralfy The Plug and the solo The Truth Hurts. Other popular rap industry names are taking part in the project, such as Southern rapper EST Gee on Tricky Ball Play, Canadian music star Tory Lanez on Chops Out, Detroit player Peezy on Should I Kill Him, Shy Glizzy on Southeast DC on Stop Cappin and several other artists.



1 Drakeo The Ruler Just Dance 02:21
2 Drakeo The Ruler Wok And Red 04:09
3 Drakeo The Ruler, EST Gee Tricky Ball Play 04:25
4 Drakeo The Ruler Black Buttons 02:30
5 Drakeo The Ruler Way Before The Fame 03:05
6 Drakeo The Ruler, Ralphy The Plug Cookie Pack 03:11
7 Drakeo The Ruler, Ralphy The Plug Flu Flam A Opp 04:03
8 Drakeo The Ruler, Ralfy The Plug Mitchy Slickster 03:22
9 Drakeo The Ruler Pump Faker 03:21
10 Drakeo The Ruler, Tory Lanez, Ralfy The Plug Chops Out 02:48
11 Drakeo The Ruler, Peezy Should I Kill Him 04:29
12 Drakeo The Ruler, Grind Hard, Slo-Be Idk Why 04:59
13 Drakeo The Ruler Sum U Didn’t Know 02:25
14 Drakeo The Ruler Boogieman 02:29
15 Drakeo The Ruler, Shy Glizzy Stop Cappin 04:24
16 Drakeo The Ruler She’s A Roller 02:31
17 Drakeo The Ruler, Ralphy The Plug Ain’t That The Truth 02:51



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