Dr. Dre’s former group member says he beat women and Ice Cube was a fake gangsta

On Episode 80 of the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio, Prezident Bejda spoke with Dr. Dre’s old friend and former member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Cli-N-Tel and he speaks about everything from Dr. Dre beating women (Not just Dee Barnes) to Ice Cube getting bullied at school and later portraying a fake image as a gangsta. 

The early West Coast MC described Ice Cube as one who was bullied and was sent to another school by his Mother and never lived anything remotely close to being a gangsta. Basically it was all an act.

At around 20:23

I took him under my wing and sort of mentored him. We showed him the ropes. As far as Cube being a gangsta and all that stuff, naw! As a matter of fact he was going to Washington High school and he was getting bullied over there and his Mother was scared he was getting beat up too much so she put him on the bus and was shipping him over to Taft High School which was way across town! Cube wasn’t that dude! 

At around 46:25

“I am being honest, he is the Are We There Yet? He projects the other image with the AK and the scowl but the real Cube is more like the Are We There Yet-Guy verses the other guy!”

When speaking about the famous Dee Barnes incident, Cli-N-Tel says that was nothing new.

At around 29:20

“She wasn’t the first one I know of a few others.Yeah I seen him get rawdog with a couple females and we had a couple conversations about that and I told him that is not how I roll!”

When asked about Dre’s sexuality Cli-N-Tel did defend his old friend saying that he was not gay, or at least not when he knew him.

At around 27:09

” I can say for certain 100% there was never ever any indication or hint of him not being a 100% real dude. What ever people want to say about him later I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there when Suge or Pac made those particular statements. As far as his sexuality and knowing that cat and the broads he smashed and the conversations that we had, naw!”



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