Dr Dre & Scott Stortch Reconnected?

Dr. Dre and Scott Storch cemented a piece of history with their 1999 megahit “Still D.R.E.” They reportedly worked together on the Detox single “Under Pressure” with Jay Z. The trackleaked in 2010. But, of course, the much-anticipated Dr. Dre album was scrapped. Since then, the two had a falling out.

He has reportedly reunited with Dr. Dre, as shown in an Instagram post from Steve Lobel.

It’s a big day in hip hop earlier today,” says Lobel adding the hash tags, #drdre X #scottstorch Stay tuned.

“I regret the way I treated . Dre say Stortch after he so graciously opened up the doors for this kingdom to me,” “And I know the mistakes I made were 100 percent drug-induced. And I hope to work with him in the future. Hopefully, he can accept me back into his good graces.”

Stay tuned its more to the Aftermath.


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