Domo’s “Dom P: The Curse of Dom Pedro” dropping July 15th! Hosted by #YoungCalifornia own DJ Carisma

Black Bank Ent’s artist Domo will be releasing a 13-track mixtape titled “Dom P: The Curse of Dom Pedro” on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. It will be hosted by #YoungCalifornia’s own DJ Carisma.
The mixtape will musically tell a tale of the perks and frustrations of being Domo a.k.a. Dom Pedro. His alter ego, Dom Pedro, is considered the extreme partygoer, wild risk taking, blunt speaking, persona that often gets into trouble. While Domo, is more of a calm, easy going, family oriented guy who  battles surviving through life as the cards are being dealt.
Some of the projects features include YG, Joe Moses, Compton AV, Problem, Big WY, A1, and more. With production done by Big WY, Poly Rob, and Active Tracks. 
Dom P mixtape will come with a DVD containing music videos, in depth interview, performances, etc.
Dom P: The Curse of Dom Pedro Tracklisting
  • 01. Domo – Dom P / The Drink [Prod. By Poly Rob]
  • 02. Domo – Off Fly Shit (Feat. YG & Charley Hood) [Prod. By Big WY]
  • 03. Domo – Somethin Like You (Feat. A1 Krashn & Yung of Cali Swag District) [Prod. By Big WY]
  • 04. Domo – Drink In Her System (Feat. Tee Flii) [Prod. By Big WY]
  • 05. Domo – Azz Up Problem [Prod. By Big WY]
  • 06. Domo – Cold World
  • 07. Domo – No Better (Feat. A1 Krashn & Joey Bishop) [Prod. By Poly Rob]
  • 08. Domo – Don’t F*ck Wit Um [Prod. By Active Tracks]
  • 09. Domo – Real One (Feat. Compton AV & A1 Krashn) [Prod. By Poly Rob]
  • 10. Domo – Michael Irvin (Feat. Joey Bishop)
  • 11. Domo – High Price (Feat. Meaku) [Prod. By Poly Rob]
  • 12. Domo – How Do You Want (Feat. Joe Moses & A1 Krashn) [Prod. By Big WY]
  • 13. Domo – Fall Sometimes (Feat. Big WY & Poly Rob) [Prod. By Poly Rob]

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