Domaniece Blake Speaks On Macktwon & The Group YP/Fab New Album, The San Diego North Park Movement

Domaniece Blake manager of Macktwon & The Group YP/Fab stops by the High End Radio show powered by the to update the fans on the current situation of the group, since being allegedly charged with 2 Dozen others in an racketeering conspiracy that involved cross-country sex trafficking, murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug-related crimes.

Domaniece got a chance to speak on how the YP/Fab movement came about, who was instrumental in helping her break the artist to the masses, working on releasing Mack Twon’s new album while he is fighting his case and answering the H.E.R. topic of the week, Is condoning snitching cool or not?

Tune in and check out the full interview with YP/Fab’s Domaniece Blake and Tune in for the full interview and check out Siccness Radio for 24 hr non stop New West Coast music and every Friday at 6pm check H.E.R. out for all the latest San Diego trends, Community Events and exclusive music and interviews. check out the the discussion on this topic in the Southern California »» Los Angeles/San Diego’s side of the Siccness.

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