Doja Cat & Enneai Records Release New Album Titled “C’est La Vi”

This year Doja Cat and enneai Records released a new album named C’est La Vie, but producer John Anthony admits it nearly cost him his life producing this album. “We would go on some dangerous coke binges, last year in the studio I died for a few minutes.” producer John Anthony explains.

C’est La Vie was just released by enneai Records, an album featuring some of California’s hottest upcoming artists. Doja Cat follows up on her previous hit single “so high” with records like “Raw”, a new release unheard by fans, until now. Enneai Records delivers a new electronic sound to hip hop with its unique engineering. ” This is the new rock and roll” John Anthony adds, ” like Jimmy Hendrix and Dj Khaled “.

” From the streets to corporate, from the muddy nights sippin to the club nights getting wasted” John Anthony quotes, ” nude models in the studio, this music is a nasty fuck you for your basics”

Enneai Records plans on signing new talent this year and a tour to follow up. Some of the upcoming releases include headlining artist like Kanye West and Travis Scott. Follow enneai on twitter @enneaiRecords for the latest updates on their tours and releases.

twitter link : @enneaiRecords @dojacat

C’est La VieĀ  available on Itunes and spodify

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