DjAYEboogie releases his lastes mixtape “LAye”

“It’s different types of ppl, different types of lifestyles in Cali … It depend what lifestyle you live. You can’t just describe Cali in one way …” – YG

In preparation for the transition to the West Coast I have decided to develop a new mixtape series titled “LAye” The concept was birthed out of a general conversation with a friend who made references to several of my early mixtapes: #AYEtown, #WelcomeToTheAYE, which focused on an Atlanta based sound. In an effort to make a smoother transition into the Los Angeles market I have decided to take on the next challenge, hence the birth of LAye.

In this series look for the music to create a storyline, traveling through Compton, Inglewood, South Central, The Bay and the various other regions of California. After watching an interview with Compton’s own YG’s, I found his response to a question as a basis for my track-list.



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