DJ Yella Of NWA Talks Why Group Broke Up, Aids Conspiracy & More

With out question West Coast pioneering rap group NWA was one of the most influential Hiphop acts of all time. Albums like Eazy-E’s “Eazy Duz It” and NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” keep on getting remastered and re-released and are always mentioned by media and fans alike.

Recently Eazy-E’s hologram performed alongside Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at the Rock the Bells Tour and the man who stood with him to the very end DJ Yella was there to introduce his homie to the crowd. Yella has been traveling doing the Rock the Bells shows lately but took time out to speak with Prezident Bejda on the Murder Master Music Show. The two chopped it up about the hologram, the upcoming NWA movie, and much more! Yella couldn’t have been a more humble guest, but was able to still give some insight about why NWA possibly broke up, the Eazy-E AIDS Conspiracy and much more.


When asked about his thoughts on Jerry Heller, Yella dropped a bombshell as to why the group possibly broke up and what actually caused it.

“He was great in the beginning, but stuff happened. We were suppose to go out on tour and people started getting greedy and wanting too much money for the tour. That hurt alot! Towards the end we were suppose to do another tour and that didn’t happen because somebody wanted too much. We were suppose to do shows with Guns-N-Roses and they were gonna give us $25,000 for 5 minutes of work. He turned them down and wanted too much, he wanted $50,000. If the tour would have happened Dre might not have left. Stuff started getting funny and that is when everything started going haywire. It was crazy when he left at first but it was the best thing he done, Cube too! Guns-N-Roses wasn’t doing rap shows in little sports arenas or amphitheaters they were doing coliseums with 100,000 people. That would have boosted NWA up way bigger than what it already was!”

When Prezident Bejda asked who was the person who didn’t want to agree on the price for this mega tour Yella replied….

“Only one person and I am not gonna mention his name, but you talked to him! They were offering us 25 and he wanted 50. 25,000 in the early 90s for 10 minutes and if you get on their tour they did about 200 cities. Come on! That was almost the nail in the coffin!”


With many believing that Eazy was injected with AIDS people such as Layzie Bone have publicly given their opinion on a possible conspiracy and surprisingly Yella seems to think it could be true from what he said…

“I am gonna save that for the book!”

Prezident Bejda said that Eazy went from being healthy to sick in a month! Yella then said:

“It was a few weeks. He was in one hospital and went to another one and in about 3 weeks he was gone. Prior to that he was healthy. Think about, nobody else got it. Nobody got it!”

Then Yella was asked if he had any speculations on who could have done it and he replied….

“I will put it like this, money is the root of all evil. I know one person, it wasn’t the Wife that is a fact! There were bigger entities involved!”

Could it have possibly been the same entities that had Tupac murdered?

“That I don’t know. That was a totally different kind of thing. That’s a whole different subject there!”

After that the two went on to discuss many subjects including the upcoming movie, Yella’s upcoming book, the Rock the Bells tour with the Eazy-E hologram and much more.

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