DJ Tomekk releases new Single with M.O.P.

Berlin/New York –  DJ Tomekk has released his new single “Never Give Up” together with the New York cult hip-hop duo M.O.P. via Believe International.

DJ Tomekk, a producer legend, is coming back to reinvent himself a bit, but of course with nothing less than an absolute hammer. For his new single “Never Give Up” Tomekk was once again drawn to the cradle of hip-hop and to the place that has always been essential for his remarkable career: New York City.
Tomekk is well known for shaking hedonistic party tracks up his sleeve like few others. But “Never Give Up” is about more than that: it’s about everything. Together with the East Coast hip hoppers from M.O.P., the renowned producer and DJ delivers an inventory of a world (politics) that is getting more and more out of hand. “Never Give Up” is a great Fuck You directly from the street to the megalomania of the powerful – and at the same time a pat on the back and one for the listeners and oneself. Give up? Never: That’s the unwavering and consistently positive message.

With “Never Give Up” DJ Tomekk has once again achieved a feat: To sound modern as well as completely timeless. Oldschool hip-hop, rock guitars, scratches, an infectious groove and the unmistakable, aggressive rap of M.O.P. members Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame: This is a very, very strong announcement – in every respect.

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