DJ Paul on Celebrity Wife Swap Blood Test, Project Pat and More

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia nka Da Mafia 6ix was on the Murder Master Music Show with Preizdent Bejda and Mac Jay. The three talked about everything from Paul’s experience on Wife Swap to recent comments that Project Pat had made.

First at around 13:35 while talking about his experience doing the TV Show Celebrity Wipe Swap, Paul said they gave him a blood test and mental evaluation “You have to do a full physical to make sure that you don;t have any diseases or anything like that because they know you are gonna end up cooking for somebody else’s kids. They make you take a full physical and a blood test. Then they make you take a crazy test. They don;t call it a crazy test, but they ask you a bunch of questions. It takes 3 hours to do this test. My son even had to do this test. But you have to sit in the room by yourself with a Doctor that they send you from another state.”

At 38:08 when asked about recent comments that Project Pat made Pual had this to say
“I talked to Juicy here and there because we still own the companies together. As far as me and Pat there aint nothing to talk about. He said what we wanted to say and I said what I wanted to say. It was never a big deal with me in the first place if there was gonna be a Three 6 Mafia reuinion and if he was gonna be a part of it, but you were never in Three 6 Mafia so were were not gonna be a part of it anyway. It is not for him to decide what Juicy is gonna do and what Juicy aint gonna do.”

39:30 Paul says Pat looked high 
It wasn’t no big deal when I saw it I laughed at it. It looked like he was high or something on the interview because he was looking like he was falling asleep. He don’t get high and never have so maybe he started.”

Paul stayed on for over an hour and weighed in on Ferguson, Police Brutality, and much more. Check out the entire show below.


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