Dizaster and Math Hoffa Throw Hands at King Of The Dot #BOLA5

A rap battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa turned into chaos lastnight after Dizaster punched Math Hoffa in the face. This all happened during day two of King of the Dot’s Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) 5 event at Los Globos. Towards the end of the battle, Dizaster said, “Fucking waste of life. I should punch you in the fucking face right now.” After some inaudible jawing back-and-forth, he suddenly punched Hoffa. The fight escalated further with Dizaster bringing Hoffa to the ground before the two were eventually separated.

While the full video of the battle was supposed to be released at a later date, multiple cell phone videos have been uploaded online, each with a different angle. Some are clearer than others.

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