Diego Redd Presents M.H.C “Mile High Club” (Cover Art + Tracklist)

Fresno rap artist Diego Redd who has been on the scene since the late 90’s with his impressive freshman release “Dog Eat Dog: Only the Strong Survive,” and is also one 1 half of the Central Valley hip hop group “99 North,” with childhood friend Shake Da Mayor, known for his for hits like “Everybody’s Gangsta” and “Stunna Shades.” Recently securing digital distribution for his Rebel Entertainment imprint, he has been on the forefront for Fresno City’s underground hip hop. Releasing and developing several act in partnership with his brand Rebel Ent. M.H.C or Mile High Club is one of those developing acts, who has also been involved in the underground community for nearly a decade now. MHC – Mile High Club consist of Fresno rappers (Prodough, Kevlar P.I. & Demont LaRoc). The 3 emcee’s hook up with city natives Dengee, Diego Redd, Les Vegas, Dre – T and others to give you 11 tracks of uncut hip hop. Check out the official cover art and tracklist below, along with the dope visual for “Survival (feat. Demont LaRoc, Diego Redd, Les Vegas & Dret)”.

Download: Mile High Club https://itun.es/us/EJ9S8

1 High Enough (feat. Diego Redd, Prodough, Kevlar P.I. & Demont LaRoc)
2 Boyz In Da Hood (feat. Prodough, Kevlar P.I. & Diego Redd)
3 Fresh Out (feat. Demont LaRoc, Diego Redd & Dret)
4 Effortless (feat. Kevlar P.I. & PowMan)
5 G’ing (feat. Diego Redd, Prodough & Kevlar P.I.)
6 My Type of Party (feat. Demont LaRoc, Dengee & Dret)
7 Kool As a Kangol (feat. Demont LaRoc & Kevlar P.I.)
8 Waiting On My Arrival (feat. Prodough)
9 F**k Me Too (feat. Diego Redd, Demont LaRoc, Prodough & Kevlar P.I.)
10 Survival (feat. Demont LaRoc, Diego Redd, Les Vegas & Dret) VIDEO
11 Summer of Sam (feat. Demont LaRoc)


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