Dezzy Hollow – Funk | Music Video

Same way his hometown of Oceanside is located halfway between 2 major California cities, L.A. and San Diego, Dezzy Hollow has always seemed stuck halfway between 2 major influences: keeping it local with the Westcoast G-funk formula or trying to aim for a more generic sound. Even though smooth and well-executed, the latter often lacks flavor and personality and doesn’t help Dezzy to stand out. On the contrary, his music is never as good and enjoyable as when he does the former. “Funk” is the perfect example to prove my point, definitely one of the highlights of Dezzy’s new album Fireside, alongside “Gangsta Shit”. Too bad“Allegations” (his Mitchy Slick-assisted banger for which he released a music video last month) didn’t make the final tracklisting. 

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