Dex Sosa Hussey On Bleu Davinci Telling On Hummer, Big Meech, 50 Cent BMF Series (Part 2) | DocHicksTv

Dex Sosa Hussey Interview Part 2: Sosa Hussey Talks More About His New Book On Amazon And Kindle Called The Blueprint to conspiracy. During This Episode Of Doc Hicks TV Dex Sosa Lets The Viewers Know How BMF Rapper (The Rapper) Bleu Davinci Tried To Make A Move After Big Meech Was Captured In Texas And What Happened Next. Sosa Also Speaks On Rapper 50 Cent Creating Or Wanting To Create A Series Called BMF Without Proper Communication With Honorable Members Nor Himself Since He Is The Official Trademark Owner. Dexter Sosa Hussey Answers An Age Old Myth And Statement That Many Has Had Sbout Big Meech Flashiness That Many Assumed Brought The Family Down plus More

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