Detroit Rapper DoughBoy Roc Fatally Shot | Rap News

A Detroit rapper that performs by the name of Doughboy Roc was fatally shot. Reports say the incident happened on the city’s west side. Local Law Enforcement investigating their current leads in the tragic death of 5the rapper who’s real is Rodney Jenkins.

He had been fatally shot at about 3:30 this afternoon while sitting in a white Hyundai at Stoepel and Westfield, near Livernois. Investigators say the bullets hit him near the ear and shoulder. Friends of the victim are in shock.

 “I grew up with him when I was real young,” said Huey. “They were the older homies, man, who always showed respect. (He was) a real respectful individual. We were both from the same neighborhood. I actually got my first track in the city through Doughboy Roc.”

Police have no motive and no suspect.


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