Dennis Hof on Straight Outta Compton

The Church of Reality of UGS Radio had none other than America’s Favorite Pimp, Dennis Hof and the owner of the Bunny Ranch was not short of words. Hosts Prez and Skinnymaine had the chance to hear Dennis give his thoughts on a variety of topics including the new NWA #1 Box Office Hit ” Straight Outta Compton” and rap music in general.

“I want to see it, I think it should be good, I think America should see it, maybe especially White America so they could understand where all of this is coming from. Alot of people just don’t get Rap,I have trouble with it sometimes with all the violence, the pimpin’ hoes, put a cap in your ass motherfucker, kill a cop! I don’t want to hear none of that crap, but I do like some of the music. These guys are all my friends, they have all been here. Too Short has played at my Birthday Party, he’s a friend and we’ve made appearances all over the country. They have all been here. Mr. Mixx, the founder of the 2 Live Crew, worked for me for 3 years here!”

Politics came into play as well when Hof was asked what he thought of Donald Trump running for President and what he thought his chances were

“America is really fucked up, it’s really fucked up and it is because of career politicians. All these guys about is the next pack money they are gonna get, super packs, lobbyists getting them laid, that’s all they care about. They don’t care about doing anything good for our Country. Now Donald Trump, he doesn’t need the money, he is a businessman just like me. That’s what people like about him, he tells it like it is. If you’re an asshole you’re an asshole and he tells people about it and he goes after them. They try to spin things around and try to make him look bad, I don’t think he could win, but I kinda wish he would. I want to see a businessman in office.”

He also spoke about the late comedian Andy Kaufman giving him inspiration to run the Bunny Ranch as well as one of the scenes depicted in the Jim Carrey movie
Man on the Moon“, where Kaufman had trouble deciding which woman he wanted to sleep with. The whole interview was good, and of course it got raunchy only like the it should be. Dennis spoke about many topics including his new book “Art of the Pimp” which is available now.

Below are Youtube clips as well as a link to the entire show

Dennis Hof on Straight Outta Compton and Rap Music

Dennis Hof on Donald Trump Running for President

Dennis Hof on Comedian Andy Kaufman Inspiring him to run the Bunny Ranch


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