Dem Foul Play Boyz (@DemFoulPlayBoyz) My Brothers Keeper (Short Film)

Dem Foul Play Boyz releases a short film titled “My Brother’s Keeper da Movie.” This time, the real life brothers and emcee duo A-La Da Analist and L.I.V.E put their own stamp on another brother/emcee duo Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga tha Gambler’s east coast classic “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Considered a short-form cinematic experience of music and story, L.I.V.E breaks down the video. “We wanted to create something that the viewer would want to watch over again rather than a straight performance video. The video reflects the song by showing the unity between two brothers who run a successful underground gambling ring. The brothers are faced with some of the trials & tribulations that come along with trying to remain on top. As far as the song, growing up, we loved the chemistry and back & forth flows that Smoothe and Trigga had.”



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