Death Row Chief Engineer Rick Clifford Says Dr. Dre Left Label Over Creative Control

Rick Clifford says, “Suge’s not a bad person” and adds that Dr. Dre left Death Row Records because he felt that he was losing “creative control.”

The questionable inner-workings of early Death Row Records politics and the blossoming of the label’s artists often come hand-in-hand. Former label head Suge Knight’s name in general tends to lead to debate especially regarding the way he ran the label.

In a recent interview with 2Pac Forum Channel, former Death Row Chief Engineer Rick Clifford talked about Suge Knight’s personality and says he’s not what many portray him as.

“Suge’s not a bad person,” Clifford said when Suge Knight was brought up. “He loves music. The only problem Suge had is if you mess with one of his artists and then he would go beyond the call of duty about his record company and his artists.”

Rick Clifford also talked about why he believes Dr. Dre left Death Row Records and says it was because the producer lost creative control of the record label.

“When [Dr.] Dre left, that caused a lot of confusion,” Clifford said. “Dre left due to the fact that he thought, the only reason Dre left ’cause he thought he lost creative control.”

When asked whether Dr. Dre left Death Row because of Tupac, Clifford responded saying those rumors are false.

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