Death At The Derby (Cousin Feo & Lord Juco) Release Their Latest Project “Capitano”

After a three year hiatus, the rap trident known as Death At The Derby is back with another full LP, this time entirely produced by Toronto based producer Finn. An 11 track project, “Capitano” is themed behind some of the games most respected & legendary captains to rock the honorary armband.

Inspired by their previous 2020 release “Ballon D’Or”, this latest LP is both the first official drop, yet second installment to their newest series entitled Club & Country. With the third & final season of their celebrates derby series around the way, this record is the next phase in their wave of worldwide work.

Cuts provided by their resident DJ, DJ Dubplates, the project is both a rare & raw blend of potent underground production, cultured sound bites, top flight lyricism & love for the beautiful game. Whether El Salvador, Romania, North Ireland or Argentina, the roster is monster. Centered around a tracklist aligned by the player’s actual jersey numbers, this collection of stars shine bright as any constellation.


1.Chilavert 03:20
2.Cafu 02:41
3. Chiellini 03:00
4. Zanneti 02:52
5.Ferdinand 02:56
6.Barisi 03:06
7.Best 02:41
8.Stoichkov 03:03
9.Shearer 02:46
10.Hagi 02:59
11Magico 02:40

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