Daz Dillinger Explains How He Squashed Beef With Kurupt

While working with Death Row Records, Golden Era giant Daz Dillinger was responsible for crafting a slew of classic tracks for his group Tha Dogg Pound alongside fellow member Kurupt. As with other artistic duos, the dynamic between Kurupt and Daz was once strained due to different professional and personal situations, and Daz breaks down how they resolved their issues in this segment of his VladTV interview.

A reflective laugh from Daz prompts his comment about how he worked to remedy his once tense relationship with Kurupt, “I reached out to him. He wanted to reach out to me, but I reached out to him.” The platinum-selling producer then explains that the root cause of their issue centered on Suge Knight. Eventually, however, the artists recognized their worth and decided that their cause was more important than misplaced animosity.

Although Daz was initially disappointed that Kurupt chose to return to Death Row, he says that both he and Snoop Dogg have made their peace with Kurupt. “That’s our brother, Kurupt,” he adds.

Daz further examined his thoughts on his resurrected relationship with Kurupt and what he thinks about an incarcerated Suge Knight, saying, “We’re here now kicking and going; and he’s there.”

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