DaTBoYZ3L – Danger (@DaTBoYZ3L)


Surrounded by situations full of “Danger”, Tennessee artist DaTBoYZ3L pens a detailed and harmonious memoir detailing life growing up not only in Jackson but in today’s world. From fighting to arise out of poverty to addressing current affairs like police brutality and unseen levels of violence, DaTBoY touches on that and everything in between on the song.

A subtle yet emotional piano melody lends to the emotional impact of the single that finds Z3L continuing in the same type of tone as found on “Stressing” from his freshman EP, “Datboy”. Both singles were produced by the artist’s go-to producer, Letthatboycook. Though sharing similarities, “Danger” showcases Z3L’s growth both as an artist and man.

Currently available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, “Danger” is also the lead single to DaTBoY’s forthcoming album, #DaTseason.  Enjoy the single below.

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