Dangerous Crew member Pooh-Man Reunites With Ant Banks

Fomer Too Short protege and Dangerous Crew member Pooh-Man recently reunited in the studio with long-time producer and collaborator Ant Banks. Listening to the first single ”Mesmerized”, which features Ant Banks on vocals and production, it is clear that Pooh-Man intends on feeding listeners a buffet of consciousness with hood appeal, over a street poetic backdrop throughout the upcoming 14 track album, “Kaos Theory”.

“Mesmerized” also marks the first Ant Banks production since 2003’s “What She Gonna Do” for Too Short’s “Married to the Game” album.  “Mesmerized”  is the official first single being released today. The “Kaos Theory” will be released August 1st, 2014. The album will consist of 12 Ant Banks-produced songs!
Pooh-Man and Ant Banks first began recording together in the late 80’s, when both were soon scooped up by the legendary Too $hort to join his Dangerous Music imprint with Jive Records.
Pooh-Man dropped the now classic “Funky As I Wanna Be” to critical acclaim in 1992 and was featured on the Menace II Society soundtrack and the Juice soundtrack.  Over the years, Ant Banks and Pooh-Man have recorded several songs together such as “Fuckin’ Wit Dank”, “Ride With Me” (from the TWDY album “Derty Werk”), “Fire” (off Pooh’s “Dank 2001”) and several others.

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