Dame Dash Heated Debate | Diddy Drama | Jay-Z Feud | PBD Podcast Ep. 395

00:00 – A special message from Patrick Bet-David.
02:01 – PBD Podcast Intro
02:27 – Patrick introduces Dame Dash.
05:28 – Dame Dash discusses his motivation for business and the keys to success.
09:39 – Where he got his inspiration and his biggest influence who taught him street.
17:13 – The unexpected death of his mother at 16-years-old and how he turned to the streets.
21:56 – How he got into the music business after getting off the streets of Harlem.
26:05 – Damon on recognizing the talent of Jay-Z.
29:53 – Damon on why he and Jay-Z founded Roc-A-Fella Records.
35:15 – West Coast vs East Coast feud in the early 90s.
39:37 – How Lyor Cohen being a culture vulture and stealing from hip-hop artists.
50:02 – The death of Aaliyah and her relationship with R. Kelly and Jay-Z.
1:01:51 – Is Donald Trump a good boss?
1:08:21 – History of Jaguar Wright
1:08:56 – Diddy raid and how the government isn’t helping black youth.
1:16:09 – Is Hip-Hop A CIA Psyop?
1:20:38 – Does racism exist?
1:26:36 – Who killed Tupac and Biggie Smalls?
1:29:31 – The change of the Republican Party.
1:37:15 – AI’s effect on the music industry.
1:42:08 – The Top 5 Rappers of all time.


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