Da’ Unda’ Dogg – In With The Old, Out With The New

Crestside, Vallejo rapper Da’ Unda’ Dogg is back with a new solo called “In With The Old, Out With The New”. It includes 15 tracks with production from DobCee. You can purchase its digital version on Amazon and iTunes.

01. In With The Intro
02. In With The Old Out With The New
03. Don’t Make Sense
04. Invictus
05. Whole Conversation
06. Trust No B*tch
07. My Own Destiny
08. Dizzert
09. Americas Most Doubted
10. Hard Head
11. Aint No Slac’n In My Mac’n
12. Take Flight
13. Streets Is Craaazaaay
14. One Day At A Time
15. Out With The Outro


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