D Smoke Explains His Snoop Dogg Face-Off On ‘Rhythm & Flow’ | People’s Party Clip

In this clip from People’s Party, Talib Kweli discusses with D Smoke his memorable Snoop Dogg face-off on ‘Rhythm & Flow.’ D, who won the first season of the Netflix series, is asked to explain exactly what happened in the moment that Snoop asked him “Where you from though?” He thinks that Snoop could pick up on him being from Inglewood because of the energy and authenticity behind D’s art, and Snoop was moved by it. D then goes into Snoop’s energy and agrees with Talib that their ‘Rhythm & Flow’ exchange was unlike anything seen elsewhere on TV. They bonded in that moment, and D says Snoop has been his biggest ally in the game ever since. Talib and D end the convo on talking love and respect for Uncle Snoop. Full episode arrives on Monday 3/30 at 9AMet/6AMpt

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