Cyco City Speaks On The Lack Of Artist Support, Janky Promoters & More.

Last Friday night on the internet radio show “High End Radio” with Host Joey Got Slaps, Mr. Caypre and 23 With The Cup, had San Diego rapper Cyco City on air to give his opinion’s on I-Rocc’s comments on the current state of the SD rap scene, He would agree to disagree but would go on to speak about, The Lack Of Support & Unity in the San Diego hip hop scene, promoters charging locals to perform with out of towners, his new album and more.

Tune in below to hear the full interview and check out Siccness Radio for 24 hr non stop New West Coast music and every Friday at 6pm check H.E.R. out for all the latest San Diego trends, Community Events and exclusive music and interviews. check out the the discussion on this topic in the Southern California »» Los Angeles/San Diego’s side of the Siccness.

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