Crooked I Says Lil Wayne Brought Lyricism Back To The Mainstream

Lil Wayne’s musical run in the mid-to-late 2000’s saw the New Orleans native rise to be one of the hottest rappers in the game. His mixtapes and guest verses on other artist’s tracks had many people calling him “the best rapper alive.”

A fellow emcee is also crediting Weezy’s contribution during that time for bringing lyrics back to the forefront of the game on a mainstream level. Slaughterhouse member Crooked I praised Wayne for introducing witty lyrics to a new generation.

“I think Wayne is one of the artists who really opened that gateway to where –  it was a time where we weren’t getting anything in the mainstream,” Crooked told HHDX. “In the super-famous realm, I don’t think that those fans were getting any lyricism… I credit and salute [Wayne] because when he was hopping on all those joints, he had some memorable one liners.”

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