Crackin’ Up w/ Pink Siifu | The Danny Brown Show

On this episode of The Danny Brown Show, rapper Pink Siifu stops by to talk about recording his album and collaborating with different artists. Once things get rolling, he completely loses it when Danny answers questions about mashed potatoes and urinating on someone during sex. The two also discuss Ghettotech, Ataria, Meta Glasses, and fly fashion icons. We also get an Ask Danny about overhearing your girlfriend’s therapy session, some wild Freestyles, and a very painful Would Your Rather? Finally, they talk about older rappers and how having maturity can improve your music. It’s a fun one. Enjoy!

YouTube Chapters 00:00:00 – Intro 00:00:59 – Pink Siifu & Recording 00:06:46 – Ghettotech 00:11:10 – Ask Danny: Overheard Therapy & OG Gaming 00:16:00 – Peeing During Sex 00:19:30 – Fly Fashion 00:25:16 – White People Shit: Mashed Potatoes 00:28:15 – Would You Rather? 00:29:31 – Freestyles 00:38:02 – Spin The Wheel: Meta Glasses


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