Compton Menace talks debut album, “Menace 2 Society”

While Game holds the distinction as an elder statesman on the Los Angeles hip hop scene and a veteran, his reputation as a label head is shaky, at best. Making himself into a household name, his Black Wall Street label is one of many labels known for producing mixtape rappers. At the top of this roster, though, is Compton Menace, who spoke to

Compton Menace has made his claim to fame with his Menace 2 Society mixtape series, doing tracks with the likes of Cassidy and Wiz Khalifa. During this period of time, a relationship with Lil Wayne was also formed. Recently, Compton Menace announced his latest mixtape, Menace 2 Society, Vol. 3, would be released.

Announcing a new music video with Wiz Khalifa premiering on MTV, Compton Menace will need Game more than ever to help launch his career. Before the Jesus Piece, Game announced he and Stat Quo announced the formation of Rolex Records. Compton Menace, however, has proven there is more Black Wall Street left.

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