Chris Crack Drops His Latest Project “What Y’all Mad About Today”

Chris Crack Drops His Latest Project “What Y’all Mad About Today”. The project contains a total of 16 tracks. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Bandcamp link provided for streaming purposes and purchase.





01. No Papers No Parole (prod. by DBL-A)

02. Doja Cat Is My Least Fav Cokehead (prod. by DBL-A)

03. Profiting Off Black Death Isn’t Journalism (prod. by DBL-A)

04. Ain’t Ate Shit Today But Drugs (prod. by DBL-A)

05. No Rehearsal For Empty Shows (prod. by DBL-A)

06. Grass Always Greener Over The Septic Tank (prod. by Law The Producer)

07. Art Orgasms Money Peace (prod. by DBL-A)

08. Emotional Support Human (prod. by Matt Fischer)

09. Gary Coleman On Good Times (prod. by Silicon Sunset)

10. Tinder Dates Ain’t Relationship Material (prod. by DBL-A)

11. Real More Attractive Than Perfect (prod. by Eric Ashtin)

12. Rupi Kaur’s Best Work (prod. by Knowledge The Taken)

13. Help People Without Telling Everybody (prod. by Blckwndr)

14. McDonald’s Sprite With A Popeye’s Biscuit (prod. by Awlnight)

15. Missionary Cause We Boaf Cute (prod. by DBL-A)

16. Your Belly Button Is Your Old Mouth (prod. by Eric Ashtin)

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