Chris Crack Drops His Latest Project “Good Cops Don’t Exist”

Chris Crack Drops His Latest Project “Good Cops Don’t Exist”. The project contains a total of 12 tracks. It contains no feature guest appearances. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the Project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes



1 Black Don’t Crack Unless You Smoke It 01:33
2 I Know A Place 02:28
3 Jail Pose With Gangstas 03:56
4 Dogs Don’t Bark At Parked Cars 02:28
5 Lonely Nigga Clinic 01:42
6 Reparations Not Decorations 02:16
7 Cute With Low Self Esteem 01:23
8 Go Where You’re Prioritized 02:00
9 Hand Fulla Fupa 01:44
10 Hardest Thing To Be Is Black 02:13
11 Got Back With My New Bitch 02:12
12 Keep It Delicious 02:42



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