“Chaos Loc Speaks on his new “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” book and album…

“Chaos Loc Speaks on his new “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” book and album.
I just released my new book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and it’s available for purchase thru Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Rapbay.com. This book will take you on a ride through the darkside with Chaos Loc. I consider it my introduction to the world. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is a really good read so snatch you up a copy and enjoy. Throughout my banged out twisted life, I played the hand that I was dealt and never folded cuz I’m solid as blue steel. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is one of the best books out right now so order now!

Checc out my new single “Gang Bang” on Siccness Radio. More music from Chaos Loc coming soon to Siccness Radio. Continue to rocc wit me on Siccness.net and checc out my upcoming interviews. Shout out 2 Siccness.net and Siccness Radio. I’m roccin wit Siccness.net til the world blow up!!!

I’m locced up in a super maximum penitentiary for functioning as a violent gang leader and assault on a corrections officer. I’m considered a serious threat to inmates and staff so they got me locced up in a cell 23 hours a day like a caged animal. Not cool at all, but it’s nothin’ 2 a Loc. I did the crime so I’m doing the time wit my Blue Chucc’s kicced up. I’ve been locced up in my cell for 23 hours a day since February 16, 2016. Despite all of these months, weeks, days, and hours I’ve spent in solitary confinement, I still haven’t lost my mind. I’m so mentally and physically strong I cannot be broken. I choose to utilize my time writing books, releasing albums, and working out hard on the regular. I can’t stop, won’t stop! Will not ce stopped! By no means! Fuccwrongwiththesepigz!?

I also just released my new “Coast Gang Muzicc” album online everywhere. This new album is hot as fucc so download and stream it today. “Coast Gang Muzicc” features the hood bangerz “East Da Deal” “Chasing Da Bag” “Rapbay Til I’m Dead” and “Chasing My Dreams. This is a album that you can listen to from the beginning to the end. The subject matter fluctuates and hits you from all different type of angles.

On the song “East Da Deal” (Feat. Grizz Loec) we went in on that tracc. Make sure you add that song to your playlist. Make sure you download and stream the new Grizz Loec “1st & Foremost” album and get ready for the Chaos Loc & Grizz Loec “East Coasta Nostra” mixtape. Stay tuned in and get ready for the “East Da Deal” video to drop in the near future.

I appreciate all of the love and respect I’m being shown from the music lovers nationwide. Much love and respect to everybody that been downloading my music. I do this chit for y’all!!! More love loyalty and respect to everybody that purchased my book. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on all future releases.
The “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” book by Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Rapbay.com. Order Now!

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