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Cedric Singleton of Black Market Records was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show and he spoke on many things including a convo with Snoop where he says Snoop told him that he scrapped a totally different version of Doggystyle after he heard Brotha Lynch Hung’s 24 Deep album. Does this mean there is an unreleased Snoop album in the vaults?He also speaks on his longtime relationship with X-Raided and how X will start using his real name Anarae Brown after his next album. He also Spoke on how the Murder Victim’s Family forgives Big Lurch for a homicide while he was high on PCP. Since Lurch has been an advocate against drugs.

Snoop Dogg Scrapped The OG Version of Doggystyle After Hearing Brotha Lynch


Snoop told me one time that when he did Doggystyle he had recorded an entirely different album and then he heard Brotha Lynch Hung and he went back and recorded the Doggystyle that we heard.
Cedric Singleton of Black Market Records on longtime Friendship with X-Raided


Me and X-Raided got together about 8 or 9 months ago and his next few records he will be dropping on Black Market. I knew X-Raided for about a week before that crime he was involved happened. Since he has been in jail our relationship has blossomed. At the time he was 16 and he said come and visit me, just tell them your my Dad. My relationship with X-Raided is beyond the music. I have admiration for him how he developed as a person. This guy has been in the penitentiary for 25 years and look at all of the records he put out.

Family of Victim forgives Big Lurch


I didn’t even know Big Lurch rapped when I first met him. I didn’t do a deal with Lurch, he was already in jail when I did the deal with him. Also, my relationship with him is something that has developed when he was in prison. He is anti-drugs and he has been saying the same thing from the minute he went to jail until now. He didn’t even know what had happened, he said he woke up and he was in jail.

The Victim’s family had forgave him many years ago, Cedric goes onto say!

X-Raided will kill off name after next album and use his real name Anarae Brown  


He has so many different projects up his sleeve, but I think his next album he is gonna killed X-Raided off and the albums moving forward will be by Anarae Brown. He told me  “I can’t rap about the same thing at 41 that I rapped about when I was 16.”

Season Of The Siccness
Cedric Singleton of Black Market Records


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