Cambatta & Black Magik Connect for Their Latest Collabo Album “Holy Ghost 2”

Miami/Connecticut/Bronx Representative Cambatta Connects with Producer Black Magik (aka Brother Rich) Their Latest Collabo Album “Holy Ghost 2”. The album which is a sequel to their previous project Holy Ghost contains a total of 12 Tracks. It features limited edition footage of the making of the album as well. It contains feature guest appearances by Red & Blue Pill, Rafijah Siano, & SongBird. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the album as well as the spotify link for streaming purposes

The Conjuring (Intro)
Journey of Heru ft Rafijah Siano
Shaka Zulu
Last Breath ft Red Pill & Blue Pill
Spellbound ft Songbird
Pardon Me
King of the Jungle
Sirius C (Outro)

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