Calliope Bub Drops His Project “Street Activity”

Calliope Bub Drops His Project “Street Activity”. The Project by the New Orleans rap artist contains 15 tracks. It features guest appearances by Gar Certified, Fendi P , Double G, Jizzle & More. Peep the tracklist for further details on project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.

1 Calliope Bub 100DAYS100NIGHTS2 02:07
2 Calliope Bub, Gar Certified Hustle Dont Stop 02:44
3 Calliope Bub Shake Sumthin 04:43
4 Calliope Bub, Fendi P Uptown Eastside 02:27
5 Calliope Bub Somebody Daughter 02:54
6 Calliope Bub, Money Bagg Boone Same N***a 03:12
7 Calliope Bub, Double G, Jizzle Throwin Shade 04:24
8 Calliope Bub, Hollygrove Keem Killem All 02:57
9 Calliope Bub Rip Nell 03:04
10 Calliope Bub My Bruddas 02:55
11 Calliope Bub, 3d, Rossy Progression 03:50
12 Calliope Bub Reflecting 03:38
13 Calliope Bub, Greg Beck King 03:28
14 Calliope Bub NoLabel 03:00
15 Calliope Bub Came Up 04:06

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