Caleborate Announces ‘Real Person’ Project, Finds Newfound “Soul”

While Caleborate’s last album, 1993, examined his past, Real Person has the Berkeley underdog detailing the present – confronting his relationships, his career goals, the current presidential administration, and his struggle breaking through to the mainstream despite his superlative talent. With a renewed spirituality and 2.0 relationship with his father, Caleborate is back with confident tracks and insights for your average 20-something going through the motions.

“I wrote ‘Soul’ in the beginning of the year, around when so much if my life was changing – I saw my dad for the first time in years, I was breaking up with my girl, etc,” explains Caleborate. “The song is what I needed for myself but I realized that it’s also something that other people might need to help themselves… It could be anyone trying to drag you down; your parents, your co-workers, people on the train, someone having a bad day… A lot of people can throw off your vibe if they aren’t on the same wave as you. They can take your soul, your juice, your flavor, the stuff that makes you, you. You’ve got to protect that.”

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