Buckwild Drops His Latest Project “Fully Loaded”

Buckwild Drops His Latest Project “Fully Loaded”. The album contains a total of 10 tracks. It features guest appearances by Nick Grant, Fly Anakin, Chuck Strangers, Little Brother, Asun Eastwood & more. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Bandcamp link provided below for streaming & purchase.

  1. Oleander (Feat. Chuck Strangers)
  2. Violent Man (Feat. Nick Grant)
  3. YFN (Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Raekwon)
  4. Ease Up (Feat. Little Brother)
  5. Fully Loaded (Feat. Rome Streetz & Rim)
  6. Mad Rich (Feat. Madhattan)
  7. Never Fold (Feat. Fly Anakin)
  8. Real Niggaz (Feat. Rasheed Chappell)
  9. Green Paper (Feat. Chris & Whisper)
  10. More Life (Feat. Asun Eastwood)


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