Brother Cuban – Find Yourself | Mixtape

San Diego Rapper Brother Cuban

San Diego rap artist Brother Cuban delivers his first but very personal collection of his audio life. Check out what the new comer had to say about the making the album before hitting the button.

I made this album after realizing I was very caught up in trying to be liked. Constantly comparing myself and doubting myself. It took a lot of time, trial and error but making this album is what allowed me to have the positivity and optimism I have today.

   I chose to drop it for others to hear and hopefully get a feel for that. I’m not on here telling you what to do or whats right or wrong. Be yourself, trust the process.. everybody wants to be the “woke one” but I’d rather just be honest, tell you who I am and what my life is like.





SnapChat: BrotherQben

San Diego Rapper Brother Cuban

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