Brotha Lynch Hung Announces Season Of Da Siccness 2: Kevlar

Horrorcore rap luminary Brotha Lynch Hung has announced the long-awaited sequel to his debut album Season Of Da Siccness: The Resurrection. Titled Season Of Da Siccness 2: Kevlar, the album is set to be released on CD and digital formats May 31 and on vinyl in July via RBC Records/BMG.

After years of teasing and promising fans a sequel, Lynch is now ready to bring Season Of Da Siccness full circle. Reflecting on personal setbacks and triumphs, Brotha Lynch Hung’s journey to create Season Of Da Siccness 2: Kevlar has been one of resilience and artistic rediscovery. From overcoming struggles with addiction to relearning the craft of rap, Lynch’s dedication to his artistry shines through in every track of the album.

Season Of Da Siccness 2: Kevlar delivers an updated and enhanced version of the music that made Brotha Lynch Hung an underground icon. Featuring 14 brand new tracks and 3 skits, the album highlights his signature blend of intricate wordplay, eerie beats, and vivid storytelling.

Notably, Season Of Da Siccness 2 sees Lynch return to producing his own music, adding an authentic touch to the project reminiscent of the raw energy on his debut album. With a nod to his roots in horror and darkness, Brotha Lynch Hung invites listeners to delve deep into the shadows and embrace the darkness within.

Alongside the announcement, Brotha Lynch Hung shares “Da Siccness” which sets the tone for the project with its haunting melodies and visceral lyricism, offering listeners a glimpse into the dark and twisted world of Brotha Lynch Hung. Check it out HERE.


Yaw Ready

I Can Be A Killa

I’ve Changed

Get Em

Gangsta (feat.GMacc)

Start The Car (Skit)

Smoke (feat. Phonk Beta and V8)

Born In It (Skit)

ILL(feat. Swifty McVay)

Viral (feat. TA)

Eyes Wide Open

Bang Bang

Da Siccness

Blocc Monsta


Grinding (Skit)



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