Bradford-Born UK Hip-Hop Artist Maddra Is Set To Release His Latest Single, “KICK IT BACK”, On June 14th…

This feel-good track serves as an ode to Maddra’s roots in Bradford, a city renowned for its rich hip-hop heritage. Growing up in this creatively diverse area has significantly influenced Maddra’s musical taste and style.

West Yorkshire’s hip-hop scene has produced several notable artists, including Lunar C and Skinnyman. Maddra is proud to emerge from this vibrant community. Although he relocated to Manchester in recent years, Maddra remains a steadfast representative of Bradford’s hip-hop culture. The move has only broadened his exposure, allowing him to immerse himself in Manchester’s dynamic hip-hop scene as well.

“KICK IT BACK” is distinguished by its bespoke production, entirely crafted by Maddra to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Unlike tracks based on generic “type beats”, Maddra’s conscientious approach to production ensures a unique sound that authentically represents his artistic vision. This single is the first in a series of hip-hop records Maddra plans to release this year, leading up to his sophomore project.

Maddra’s debut project, “Scared of Dying”, garnered a respectable amount of attention and support from UK hip-hop outlets. Since then, Maddra has been diligently refining his craft, transforming what he once considered a “passion project” into works that he believes will secure a lasting place in the legacy of northern hip-hop.

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