Big U (@BigU1) : the Rollin 60s and Eight-Tray Gangsters Beef Split the Gangs of LA (Part 3)

In this clip, Big U briefly broke down the longstanding beef between his gang, the Rollin 60s Crips (RSC) and the Eight-Tray Gangsta Crips (ETG) that dates back to 1979. According to Big U, the beef between the two gangs not only marked the first crip-on-crip clash but the war between the two split LA’s gangs up. However, since South Central has eased up in terms of gang warfare, the RSC and ETG aren’t locked into conflict as they have been over the course of decades. He also spoke to VladTV about getting kicked out of the state of California in 1982 and returning back. To hear more, including how things caught up to him and tore his friendships apart, hit the above clip.



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