Big Syke hints Tupac could be alive “That was his plan!”

Big Syke of the legendary group Thuglife was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show with Prezident Bejda and Mac Jay. Thoughout the interview Syke gave alot of knowledge about the streets, the game, and life in general crediting Pac for alot of stuff that he has learned.

Is Pac dead or alive?, is a question that has been asked for years. Many people think its ridiculous but many think the rapper/activist is alive and well and people like Suge Knight have hinted at that possibility  and now so does Big Syke.

At roughly 41 minutes into the interview Big Syke had this to say when asked about Tupac possibly being alive! 

“I ain’t seen him dead and he aint had no funeral so to me he is always gonna be alive! If anybody could do it it probably could be him!” Later on in the show Syke said that his deceased homie Mental came up with the line “My only fear of death is reincarnation”



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