Big Prodeje (South Central Cartel) – California Classics (Tracklisting + Cover Art)

Big Prodeje – Producer/Rapper From the Legendary West Coast Rap Group South Central Cartel. Big Prodeje is the founder of The SCC and the creator of their musical style and sound. Known for the Hits Ya Getz Clowned, Gangster Luv, Gangstories,Servin Em Heat and many other Hit’s from the Nineties Era of Hip Hop.

Prodeje also released several CD’s with his partner Havoc. Havoc and Prodeje released 3 CD’s as a duo spawning the hits On A Mission, G’z on the Move, That’s The Way It’s Going Down and others. Flash forward to 2015 and you have Big Prodeje on a solo mission with the release of California Classics and it’s like taking a cruise in the dropped 64 on a sunny California weekend.. Bangin the block with Classic West Coast sounds. Released under his own Hood Good Productions from song 1 the title track California Classic thru to the final track Burner you get exactly what the title says a California Classic from one of the best from the WEST.






1. California Classic

2. My City

3. 10 Chuccz

4. Real $$

5. Yms Skit

6. Mr I Don’t Give a Fucc

7. Old/New

8. Break Yoself Skit

9. Clowns

10. It’s My Nature

11. Every Day Uv Mi Lyfe

12. They Don’t Know

13. Why

14. Why Interlude

15. Working Wit Feelings

16. Ya Lame

17. Jigxaw

18. Thangz Aint da Same No Mo

19. Dats Koo

20. 2 Nickles Skit

21. Burner



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