Big Hutch Gearing Up For Another Album Release

Above The Law‘s Big Hutch (Cold 187um) is gearing up to launch yet another album entitled “Live From Hell’s Kitchen” which is also subtitled “I Am The True Definition of Art.”The release currently does not have a set release date but the album has been completed and will drop in the next few coming months. This will be Big Hutch’s 2nd album release collaborating with Big Shot Music Group from the two label’s first album release entitled “Only God Can Judge Me” featuring the hit single “Lord Have Mercy” and both companies even dropped Big Hutch’s first ever mixtape entitled “From Pomona With Love” and still plans on releasing the Big Hutch DVD entitled “20 Minutes of Gangsta Shit”.


Big Hutch just recently released “The Only Solution” with Psychopathic Records as “The Psychopathic Assassin” and the music video from the release’s lead single entitled “An Offer He Can’t Refuse” and produced the music for Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records “Psypher 4?. The reaction; however, has been split regarding Big Hutch’s presence at Psychopathic, both from I.C.P.’s Juggalocommunity and Big Hutch’s West Coast Hip-Hop fan base, neither side giving Big Hutch a chance to grow with Psychopathic. “The Only Solution project was an innovative good idea between myself and Violent J, but everyone is so damn opinionated these days and not going with the idea of the artist’s creativity, the project was harder than it needed to be. We are all independent, we are all against mainstream music, we all should have been one not separate. That goes for both Juggalos and my West Coast Hip-Hop fans. We might come from different places but we are all on the same side, fighting the same fight,” states Big Hutch. “It’s like anything else in life, if there is no unity the real enemy will always win. End of story,” continues Big Hutch.


After losing one of his best friends, label mate, and A.T.L. group member Kevin “K.M.G.” Gulley, another devastating blow besides the loss of West Coast Hip-Hop icon Eric “Eazy-E” Lynn Wright, Big Hutch knows he has to continue to carry the torch of both Ruthless and Above The Law legacies. As Big Hutch stated on his album release, “I Am The True Definition of Art.” Below is the first single off of Big Hutch’s upcoming release entitled “Angel and Demons” giving everyone that old school G-Funk sound. Also be on the look out for the collaboration record with long time friend and Pomona sidekick Kokane who just released his first video off his upcoming album, “Shut Da F Up & Cut Da Checc”, entitled “Dear Lord”.

Big Hutch – Angels and Demons

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