BET Weekend…All The Way UP!

So BET Weekend was a success!…
Heres the line up…Gonzo / Mettaworld Peace / South Side Trey /  OT Genasis /  Desiigner  / Gramm /  Kevin Gates /  Sloan Bone
Remy Ma / Deacon / Fat Joe, High End Radio was in the building!
The weekend started in Hollywood at the historical Airliner Club with Oceanside’s Gramm going through a hot 15 minute set. The whole B$T was in attendance minus a few here an there, but Gramm & Gonzo held it down.

Right upstairs from Gramm were MORE Harmony House emcees…Long Beach “Mo Thugs” rapid spitter Sloan Bone was goin thru 16’s like a beast pausing during his set to show love to Tupac and the legends that put him on …Bone Thugs. Once the smoke settled…                         Mettaworld Peace took to the stage,yes,.Metta, not only ripped thru some of his own classic records,but also introduced the West Coast to Bronx artists, South Side Trey & Deacon, who definitely did thier own thing! Be on the look out for them.

Fast forward downtown Los Angeles BET Live stage where it was just as big! Desiigner hits the stage in front of 2,800 plus fans and immediately goes in with “Panda” The number 1 song in the country…and drops mic.

And over a year after releasing his national smash “CoCo” OT Genasis demands that his plug “Cut It”. LA is just warming up! Backstage is buzzing with the likes of Snoop Dogg ,2 Chainz,who was scheduled to rock next do at Staples Center with Lil Wayne.It got real when Kevin Gates ran through hit after hit starting  off with ” 2 Phones” into “Satellite” then “Really Really”.Talk about tearing down LA Live!!! Kevin Gates is responsible for that.

Hip Hop has many moments,and when the beat to ” Lean Back” started,so did the goose bumps because this is about to be one of those moments. Ladies & gentlemen… Terror Squad’s Fat Joe & Remy Ma! Going through hits one after another, from “Lean Back” to ‘Make It Rain” to “Whats Love” wih a brief cameo from Papoose Remy’s husband. And then outta nowhere, it seemed as if the whole West Coast went, “ALL THE WAY UP” Yes the crowd went bananas!!!

However,BET weekend was exactly what was to be expected leading up to the grand finale, The 2016 BET Awards.


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