Berkeley emcee Symba releases the Young Nate Nino EP

Berkeley’s Symba has been pretty quiet for the past year after making a huge run in 2012, but trust us, he’s been working hard behind the scenes. Thizzler On The Roof is very proud to present his reentry to the game, the 8 track Young Nate Nino EP.

Taking a page out of Nino Brown (New Jack City)’s book, Symba takes a detour from the stereotypical Bay Area party sound, getting aggressive with style and production that is sure to get you pumped. This is just the warm up though – Symba’s album 2 More Words(a follow up to 2012’s 2 Words) drops 2014, and there’s even more heat stashed in the vaults. Note: for best results, this EP should be slapped in the whip at the highest possible volume – your laptop speakers will not do it justice!

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