Beanie Sigel Death Reports Are Untrue

The old adage, “rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated,” now applies to Beanie Sigel, the former anchor of Roc-A-Fella Records. Early this month, Beanie Sigel got shot and was in critical condition. This morning, rumors began circulating the internet that he actually died.

Had Beanie Sigel actually died, this would have been a horrible Christmas for everyone close to them. Instead, Beanie Sigel is still healing and those around him are surprised to hear about him dying when he is alive. A hoax website decided to leak a story about his death.

Beanie Sigel’s death story turns out to be one of many, according to, as he has upgraded to stable condition. While Beanie Sigel tends to his wounds, lawmen are still investigating his death and searching for his gunman. The overall case is still ongoing and well wishes go out to Beanie Sigel and his entire family.

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