bE! – Xpression Sessions Part 0.5

The latest installment of bE!’s running series, “Xpression Sessions Part 0.5”. This FREE RELEASE takes you through much of the personal growth that has kept taken him so long to share it, artistically. It features vocal contributions from ChangeUp Entertainment’s own Champlu & Vinnie Maze, as well as the likes of the San Francisco Bay Area’s own, Equipto, Caustic, Beejus, J. Lately, Big Vic, Lyrical Tone & Troy (of Legends Live Forever), Space Cadet, L Eye Seagullfeet, Oops, Jaffi Jay, Della, Amanda Leilani, Stephanie Madrinan, Oriel Poole & Ferris Martinez. As well as production from L Eye Seagullfeet, Space Cadet, Torin Martinez, Starscream, Kantuu, Hisham Dahud, Thriftworks, Chase N. Cashe, Komplizaa, Raja Illya/MOTM Collective, Bish Jack &The Blacksmiths.

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