Bankroll Fresh Comes Alive In New Philthy Rich Video

(Los Angeles, CA.) November 20, 2017 – Philthy Rich, known for being just that, Philthy Rich… releases his latest effort featuring the Late Bankroll Fresh. “This one of the niggas said I never would be shit” is the lyric that leads the way of this heavy bass, brass horn trap beat. Philthy captures the true essence of the trap in “This One”. Young Kids holding thousands of dollars, a platinum colored BMW I8, lots of jewelry and clips of Bankroll Fresh from back in the day create a video that gives off real trap vibes.

Philthy Rich is originally from a town called Seminary, located in East Oakland, CA. The rapper/community man is already being recognized as the bay areas Gucci Mane. With all of his clothing, women, jewelry, and cars, one can see how the comparison is easy to make. The best part about ‘This One’ is when you get to see a jovial Bankroll Fresh at the end talking about his future. It’s so unfortunate that he passed away.
RIP Bankroll Fre$h.
Check out Philthy’s previous videos with Gucci Mane and read about his life here :

Philthy celebrated the release of his video at one of four listening parties in the Bay Area this past weekend. Mistah Fab, P Rock and others were in attendance. Check out the photos below. Look out for the next listening party in a city near you. Upcoming cities are New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

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